A Change Of Direction

Kali looms on the horizon (well, Soon™ anyway) and is destined to bring about a lot of changes to Eve and how we play it.

For some time now I’ve been thinking of how Veto will progress once the new expansion is upon us, which direction we will take and where it will lead us.

We have a strong roster devoted to the wellbeing and survival of the corp, and have developed from what was once a small scale PvP corp into an outfit that today I am very proud to be leading.

With the arrival of the first stage of the Kali deployment, Veto evolves once again.

We are currently gearing up for a change of profession operating as a Mercenary Corporation. We will no longer operate as border region pirates, and will no longer be agressing neutral pilots with non-outlaw security ratings in low security space. Instead, we seek profit for our services without political barriers.

As of November 1st, Veto will officially be for hire as a Mercenary Corporation.

For our services you can either contact myself, or Hussmann.

– Verone

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