PUBG ban: This ‘epidemic’ game can turn kids into psychopaths, says India

With the rise of technology and popularity of video games in recent times, nobody is away from these games. I still remember my old days when I used to play “Mario” and “Contra”. And now the games like PUBG and Pokémon has made us speechless with the new level of gaming and user experience. The Graphics of these games have also changed a lot. And all these achievements in the gaming industry have led to the rise of addiction of gaming in children and adults.

If we talk about gaming revolution in India then it is still not as much as it in developed countries like US and Japan. But with the introduction of Players Unknown Battle Grounds also known as PUBG, it has reached a large section of Indian Youth. This game is made in such a way that you have to land with 100 players on an island and you have to survive as a last player to win the match. Basically it a type of game where either you kill or you get killed. So, in order to survive you have to kill others and be the last one surviving.

The playing area also gets shorter as time passes in the battleground. This game has become very popular and it is played worldwide and mostly because it is free game. Before this, China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd. also introduced a mobile version of the death match which was free to play and gained the same type of popularity but PUBG has broken all the records. It has become world’s most popular and played game now.

But in many of the states in India, it has seen a lot of protests. Recently as published in Navbharat Times news, it was declared as an epidemic that is turning children into psychopaths. It was said that many children is losing their mental condition just because of this game. I don’t know why it was published as such as we are seeing these kinds of games from a long time.

GTA Vice City

Previously when Grand Theft Auto vice city was launched, nobody protested that game. That game too has some illegal things like dealing with drugs, kill strangers and stealing others cars and vehicles. Last year china took strict action on games and freezed approval of new titles of games. It was said that games were causing adverse affects on children health.

According to me India has gone through a phase of digitization recently and there is no control on it. The govt. is also not taking serious actions against gaming industry. This new era of gaming industry requires some strict laws as it is stopping children to play outdoor games. Now you can see most of the children playing video games and not going outside of their games.  Playing any video games not only have adverse effect on health but it also leads to problem in their eyesight.

In recent years India has changed a lot. Many of the rural areas which even do not have the access to PC and laptops can now be seen having smartphone in everyone’s hands. With the launch of JIO every one of us has now a working 4G connection in phone and smartphones and mobile internet has also become so cheap to be affordable by almost everyone.

Recently, in a student competition for playing PUBG in Hyderabad more than 250,000 registrations were received from 1000 colleges which show the popularity of PUBG among youngsters. The prize was $22,000 which was won by the top team.

Aryaman Joshi, 13, has played PUBG for a couple of hours every day and says every one of his companions play as well. “It’s somewhat fierce and there’s a great deal of shooting so young men like me like it,” he said. His mom, Gulshan Walia, says she needs to adopt a reasonable strategy to Aryaman’s amusement playing.

That sort of interest is giving an allude to India’s potential as a gaming market. It’s modest today, producing a tiny $290 million in income. In any case, it’s as of now the world’s second-biggest cell phone advertise, after China, and the quickest developing.

According to Lokesh Suji, a Gurgaon based head of the Esports Federation of India, PUBG has made the online gaming industry very lucrative and showed that India is a developing and attractive market for this.

Local government officials, guardians and many instructors have already communicated shock over PUBG, and said that it will arise violence in children and will divert them from their studies. In Mumbai case, a young person’s suicide gave a much outrage to this demand. A local leader went to such an extreme as to describe it as “the evil presence in each house.”

PM Narendra Modi Troll

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also requested by a mother in an open meeting about her child’s addiction on mobile games. “Is that the PUBG one?”. One 11-year-old even recorded an open intrigue claim in a Mumbai court looking for a restriction on the diversion.

South korea’s Bluehole Inc. which developed PUBG for PC and after that it partnered with Tencent Games for mobile version has taken this matter seriously after all these ban demands. They said that they are working with the government officials to come out with a solution on this. They also said that company is looking for a limited playtime for players who are underage to play this game. But this is being done for India only.

Since gaming in India is new, therefore, there are no such strict laws made till now. In china, a player cannot register himself if he is under 13 years of age. And in Germany the legal age to play this game is 16 years and they have to make registration on real names not fake one.

National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences in Bangalore is clinic run to break digital addictions is getting a lot of PUBG addiction cases every day. Recently, they got a case of a 11 year old boy who wanted to quit studying to become a professional full time PUBG player

Minecraft joins Xbox Game Pass


Are you a gaming freak right from your childhood?

If yes, you would have indeed played Minecraft quite often. For you, we have a good news. Minecraft is being brought to Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft.

If your answer is no, here is all you need to know about Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Markus Persson, also known as Notch. It was released by Mojang in 2011.

This game allows the player to build with a variety of different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource collecting, crafting, and combat. In other words, this game allows its players to discover limitless ways of playing and creating things one can imagine.

In this game you also are able to build anything you think of, explore your own unique world and interact with various other creatures.

The Different Play Modes

It has a lot of game play modes available. The survival mode allows one explore an infinite world, mine blocks of resources, craft tools and devices, and finally build whatever is in your head.

If you just want to experience unbridled creativity jump into the creative mode. This mode all the blocks are immediately available to build with.

The Second Best Video Game

Minecraft took the world by storm with the help of its open-ended design. Since its release, it has attracted over 91 million active players of all age groups from almost every country in the world. After Tetris, Minecraft is reportedly the second best video game.

Therefore, probably it is not a surprise that Minecraft is landing on the pass.
Over the years, the original Java version for Pcs has been expanded to mobile and consoles creating a true cross-platform support. It has been ported to practically every platform one can think of.

Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass Today!

Today, on April 4, Microsoft brings Minecraft to the subscription based streaming service Xbox Game Pass. The game supports cross-play, so Xbox One users can now play this game with their friends on Nintendo switch and other devices.

The software is being released as part of the monthly Xbox Game Pass subscription, adding on to the more than hundred games that Xbox users can access. If you still haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass, go get your first month subscription for $1.

Xbox Game Pass players, via the Minecraft Marketplace, will get access to the full game and its huge library of downloadable content. Moreover, they will also get free updates like the other versions, including the upcoming village and pillage patch which is all set to arrive later this spring.

In the recent months, Microsoft has been aggressively pushing its Xbox Game Pass subscription. You can download and install more than hundred games for the monthly charge, including Microsoft’s latest games like Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves.

Good news for the gamers! Microsoft has committed to launch all its own games on Xbox Game Pass as soon as they hit the stores. This means that Gears of War and the additional Forza titles will be on Xbox Game Pass soon.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud

Microsoft is also developing its xCloud game-streaming service, alongside Xbox Game Pass, so that it can offer its entire subscription on multiple devices. xCloud will work across all PCs, Macs and mobile devices like iOS and Android. The xCloud trails is planned to run later this year.

So, all the gaming freaks, Xbox Game Pass is your new way to discover your next favourite game. Enjoy Minecraft and over 100 other wonderful games for one low monthly price. Moreover, even more games are adding up, including the highly anticipated Xbox One exclusives.

For more information on Minecraft and to stay up to date on all the gaming goodness, you need to stay tuned to the Ckab. You can also download Xbox Game Pass app on your smart phones to seamlessly discover and download your favourite games to your home console.

Contract Announcement

On Friday 24th November, Veto engaged in it’s largest Contract to date.

While our client wishes to remain anonymous, our target is not and as such we will release details of current contract success.

Since 24th November Veto has faced GoonSwarm under contract, with both Red Alliance and Ka-Tet joining the fray in 0.0 security space.

Fights have been fun, gathering intel has also been enjoyable, but the best point has been the client satisfaction we have seen from this contract, which we rate higher than any ship, module or kill/death ratio.

So far Veto members have seen action across a large expanse of regions, with the main focus being the area surrounding Rens and GoonSwarm’s current contested and home region.

The current statistics, just under 2 weeks in for this contract stand as follows :

  • 289 kills / 64 losses
    4,649,828,228 ISK / 630,509,886 ISK
  • Battlecruiser [15 / 10]
    Battleship [43 / 2]
    Capsule [75 / 7]
    Cruiser [40 / 22]
    Destroyer [6 / 3]
    Elite Battlecruiser [1 / 1]
    Elite Cruiser [2 / 2]
    Elite Destroyer [1 / 1]
    Elite Frigate [17 / 15]
    Elite Industrial [1 / 0]
    Frigate [31 / 1]
    Industrial [18 / 0]
    Rookie ship [18 / 0]
    Shuttle [21 / 0]

Five Veto losses, 1x Tempest, 1x Stabber, 1x Slasher 1x Pod and 1x Covert Ops have been omitted from the statistics as they have been dealt with via Reimbursement Petition due to Blackscreen Undocking.

For a more up to date view on current contract statistics, please see the “Campaigns” link to the left of this annoucement, and select the appropriate link.

Thank you to the whole Veto roster for the outstanding effort in making this contract a sucess so far.

The war continues.

– Verone

Veto : One Year On

November 20th 2005 saw the realisation, and the birth of a dream. On November 20th 2005, Veto was born.

One year on, the corporation moves from strength to strength.

As with the establishment of any corporation, setbacks, delays and problems occur. As a team, a collective and moreover as a family, Veto have endeavored and suceeded to overcome any barrier that has stood in our way.

During a year of activity our corporation has undergone many changes, achieved many objectives, made many enemies and of course, a close group of friends with whom we’ve flown into the melee. To those who have fought and stood or fallen beside us, you have our eternal thanks, and our gratitude.

Veto, like the few corporations that survive their fragile first year as fully active combat outfits, is a testament to the fact that perseverance sacrifice and teamwork prevail, no matter how harshly an organisation has the odds stacked against it in a hostile environment of thousand man alliances, blob warfare and a sheer game of numbers.

In the last year our corporation has seen many faces, and fought many wars. From our days as an 8 man high-security terrorist outfit, to our return to basics, piracy in the border regions of New Eden, when our roster increased six-fold after a surge of applications on announcement of our return to outlawship.


We then saw subsequent attacks on Ushra’Khan and defense when agressed by the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate in retaliation.

From there Mercenary contracting began and one year on the core of Veto, our members, the living breathing assets that make our corporation what it is today, still fight with the pride they did a year ago.

For this I thank each and every one of you who has fought under the banner of Veto, past and present. This corporation’s success is not based on any one member’s drive or goal, but the common goal of our entire roster, and the endless devotion that members of our ingame family have shown to making our corporation as close knit as it is today.

I for one am proud to be a part of Veto, and to be flying into a second year of membership as the leader of what is my eyes, the finest group of players in Eve-Online.

Here’s to many more years of the same.

Long Live Veto.

Federation Navy Convoy Destroyed In Kassigainen

At approximatley 20:00 Eve Standard time on November 7th, forces from Veto intercepted a Federation Navy convoy of two Navy Issue Megathron class battleships, two Navy Issue Vexor class cruisers and two Thorax class cruisers in Kassigainen, guarding an Obelisk class freighter. The violence came after a half hour stand off between the captain of the convoy and forces from the Home Guard, the Kaalakiota Corporation’s internal police force, who refused to permit them access to their airspace.

Under contract to an undisclosed client who wishes to remain completely anonymous, Veto forces proceeded to sucessfully destroy the convoy and it’s cargo.

Interstellar News released this news bulletin yesterday, after Veto confirmed it’s involvement on a contracted basis in a Press Release earlier in the day.

President Foiritan of the Federation this morning released a statement expressing his regrets, while State officials remain tight lipped about the events that unfolded.

Congratulations and thanks to all our pilots who were able to attend, and make this another sucessful contract to add to our history.


A Change Of Direction

Kali looms on the horizon (well, Soon™ anyway) and is destined to bring about a lot of changes to Eve and how we play it.

For some time now I’ve been thinking of how Veto will progress once the new expansion is upon us, which direction we will take and where it will lead us.

We have a strong roster devoted to the wellbeing and survival of the corp, and have developed from what was once a small scale PvP corp into an outfit that today I am very proud to be leading.

With the arrival of the first stage of the Kali deployment, Veto evolves once again.

We are currently gearing up for a change of profession operating as a Mercenary Corporation. We will no longer operate as border region pirates, and will no longer be agressing neutral pilots with non-outlaw security ratings in low security space. Instead, we seek profit for our services without political barriers.

As of November 1st, Veto will officially be for hire as a Mercenary Corporation.

For our services you can either contact myself, or Hussmann.

– Verone