Contract Announcement

On Friday 24th November, Veto engaged in it’s largest Contract to date.

While our client wishes to remain anonymous, our target is not and as such we will release details of current contract success.

Since 24th November Veto has faced GoonSwarm under contract, with both Red Alliance and Ka-Tet joining the fray in 0.0 security space.

Fights have been fun, gathering intel has also been enjoyable, but the best point has been the client satisfaction we have seen from this contract, which we rate higher than any ship, module or kill/death ratio.

So far Veto members have seen action across a large expanse of regions, with the main focus being the area surrounding Rens and GoonSwarm’s current contested and home region.

The current statistics, just under 2 weeks in for this contract stand as follows :

  • 289 kills / 64 losses
    4,649,828,228 ISK / 630,509,886 ISK
  • Battlecruiser [15 / 10]
    Battleship [43 / 2]
    Capsule [75 / 7]
    Cruiser [40 / 22]
    Destroyer [6 / 3]
    Elite Battlecruiser [1 / 1]
    Elite Cruiser [2 / 2]
    Elite Destroyer [1 / 1]
    Elite Frigate [17 / 15]
    Elite Industrial [1 / 0]
    Frigate [31 / 1]
    Industrial [18 / 0]
    Rookie ship [18 / 0]
    Shuttle [21 / 0]

Five Veto losses, 1x Tempest, 1x Stabber, 1x Slasher 1x Pod and 1x Covert Ops have been omitted from the statistics as they have been dealt with via Reimbursement Petition due to Blackscreen Undocking.

For a more up to date view on current contract statistics, please see the “Campaigns” link to the left of this annoucement, and select the appropriate link.

Thank you to the whole Veto roster for the outstanding effort in making this contract a sucess so far.

The war continues.

– Verone