Federation Navy Convoy Destroyed In Kassigainen

At approximatley 20:00 Eve Standard time on November 7th, forces from Veto intercepted a Federation Navy convoy of two Navy Issue Megathron class battleships, two Navy Issue Vexor class cruisers and two Thorax class cruisers in Kassigainen, guarding an Obelisk class freighter. The violence came after a half hour stand off between the captain of the convoy and forces from the Home Guard, the Kaalakiota Corporation’s internal police force, who refused to permit them access to their airspace.

Under contract to an undisclosed client who wishes to remain completely anonymous, Veto forces proceeded to sucessfully destroy the convoy and it’s cargo.

Interstellar News released this news bulletin yesterday, after Veto confirmed it’s involvement on a contracted basis in a Press Release earlier in the day.

President Foiritan of the Federation this morning released a statement expressing his regrets, while State officials remain tight lipped about the events that unfolded.

Congratulations and thanks to all our pilots who were able to attend, and make this another sucessful contract to add to our history.