PUBG ban: This ‘epidemic’ game can turn kids into psychopaths, says India

With the rise of technology and popularity of video games in recent times, nobody is away from these games. I still remember my old days when I used to play “Mario” and “Contra”. And now the games like PUBG and Pokémon has made us speechless with the new level of gaming and user experience. The Graphics of these games have also changed a lot. And all these achievements in the gaming industry have led to the rise of addiction of gaming in children and adults.

If we talk about gaming revolution in India then it is still not as much as it in developed countries like US and Japan. But with the introduction of Players Unknown Battle Grounds also known as PUBG, it has reached a large section of Indian Youth. This game is made in such a way that you have to land with 100 players on an island and you have to survive as a last player to win the match. Basically it a type of game where either you kill or you get killed. So, in order to survive you have to kill others and be the last one surviving.

The playing area also gets shorter as time passes in the battleground. This game has become very popular and it is played worldwide and mostly because it is free game. Before this, China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd. also introduced a mobile version of the death match which was free to play and gained the same type of popularity but PUBG has broken all the records. It has become world’s most popular and played game now.

But in many of the states in India, it has seen a lot of protests. Recently as published in Navbharat Times news, it was declared as an epidemic that is turning children into psychopaths. It was said that many children is losing their mental condition just because of this game. I don’t know why it was published as such as we are seeing these kinds of games from a long time.

GTA Vice City

Previously when Grand Theft Auto vice city was launched, nobody protested that game. That game too has some illegal things like dealing with drugs, kill strangers and stealing others cars and vehicles. Last year china took strict action on games and freezed approval of new titles of games. It was said that games were causing adverse affects on children health.

According to me India has gone through a phase of digitization recently and there is no control on it. The govt. is also not taking serious actions against gaming industry. This new era of gaming industry requires some strict laws as it is stopping children to play outdoor games. Now you can see most of the children playing video games and not going outside of their games.  Playing any video games not only have adverse effect on health but it also leads to problem in their eyesight.

In recent years India has changed a lot. Many of the rural areas which even do not have the access to PC and laptops can now be seen having smartphone in everyone’s hands. With the launch of JIO every one of us has now a working 4G connection in phone and smartphones and mobile internet has also become so cheap to be affordable by almost everyone.

Recently, in a student competition for playing PUBG in Hyderabad more than 250,000 registrations were received from 1000 colleges which show the popularity of PUBG among youngsters. The prize was $22,000 which was won by the top team.

Aryaman Joshi, 13, has played PUBG for a couple of hours every day and says every one of his companions play as well. “It’s somewhat fierce and there’s a great deal of shooting so young men like me like it,” he said. His mom, Gulshan Walia, says she needs to adopt a reasonable strategy to Aryaman’s amusement playing.

That sort of interest is giving an allude to India’s potential as a gaming market. It’s modest today, producing a tiny $290 million in income. In any case, it’s as of now the world’s second-biggest cell phone advertise, after China, and the quickest developing.

According to Lokesh Suji, a Gurgaon based head of the Esports Federation of India, PUBG has made the online gaming industry very lucrative and showed that India is a developing and attractive market for this.

Local government officials, guardians and many instructors have already communicated shock over PUBG, and said that it will arise violence in children and will divert them from their studies. In Mumbai case, a young person’s suicide gave a much outrage to this demand. A local leader went to such an extreme as to describe it as “the evil presence in each house.”

PM Narendra Modi Troll

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also requested by a mother in an open meeting about her child’s addiction on mobile games. “Is that the PUBG one?”. One 11-year-old even recorded an open intrigue claim in a Mumbai court looking for a restriction on the diversion.

South korea’s Bluehole Inc. which developed PUBG for PC and after that it partnered with Tencent Games for mobile version has taken this matter seriously after all these ban demands. They said that they are working with the government officials to come out with a solution on this. They also said that company is looking for a limited playtime for players who are underage to play this game. But this is being done for India only.

Since gaming in India is new, therefore, there are no such strict laws made till now. In china, a player cannot register himself if he is under 13 years of age. And in Germany the legal age to play this game is 16 years and they have to make registration on real names not fake one.

National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences in Bangalore is clinic run to break digital addictions is getting a lot of PUBG addiction cases every day. Recently, they got a case of a 11 year old boy who wanted to quit studying to become a professional full time PUBG player

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