How to select air cooler, air cooler buying guide 2019

Summer is up now and still you are not able to cool your room then go through this buying guide which can help you make your home cool. The first thing we look up at is our budget and for a middle class family it’s the alternative to an air conditioner (AC). So, let me tell you one thing that the best alternative to an AC is an Air cooler. It not only uses the natural air to cool your room but also saves a lot of electricity consumption.

Air Cooler

This electronic cooling appliance uses the water evaporation technology and cools your home. You have to fill your air cooler with water to get cool air. Air cooler also eco friendly in nature and do not emit harmful gases like CFC.

You can even install it yourself in your home but an AC requires an engineer to be installed.

Therefore, if you are looking for an air cooler this summer to make yourself relaxed from this scorching heat then this guide will help you make a better choice.

Types of air coolers

Basically there are two kinds of air coolers-personal air coolers and desert air coolers. Desert air coolers are big in size and it is not fit for portability whereas personal air coolers are small in size and can be taken anywhere.
The desert air coolers are mostly used for dry climate areas whereas personal is suitable for humid climate.

Personal air coolers are also very quiet as compared to desert one. You can also save a lot of electricity bill with a personal one. Therefore, if you are planning to get it for a small room then you must go with personal one and vice versa.

Capacity of Water Tank

The capacity of a tank is most important thing you should look upon in a air cooler. As we know, air cooler works on water evaporation system. Taking out the hot air from the room and pumping cold air inside the room. So the cooling duration of a room depends on the amount of water present in the tank. It means larger the air tank greater the cooling duration for your room.

The desert air cooler water tank is available in sizes ranges from 30-90 litres and personal air cooler water tank size ranges from 10-30 litres.

Therefore, while choosing the right air cooler, you must look for the water tank which lasts longer for your size of room.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are likewise an essential thought when purchasing an air cooler. This is on the grounds that these legitimately sway the cooling limit as they assimilate water and let wind current through them.

Thicker cooling pads are superior to anything more slender ones as they are better at cooling. They are made from either cellulose or aspen.

While aspen pads are less expensive, need high support, and have a short life, cellulose pads resemble honeycomb and are thicker and require low upkeep. Additionally, these have a higher life. Cost savvy, cellulose is on the higher-end.

Inverter Friendly Air coolers

These inverter friendly are very useful and relaxing for us. Especially in our country, what happens during summer is that there occur a lot of power cuts due to heavy load. This makes a lot of nuisance for us and in these condition these inverter friendly air coolers makes up a great use.

Air coolers which are inverter friendly also consume 50% less energy as compared to other ones which are not inverter friendly. Therefore, while purchasing an air cooler you must look for this specific feature of an air cooler.

Air flow

Air flow is always measured in cubic feet per minute also known as CFM. So if you are going to buy an air cooler then you should measure the area of your room in cubic feet first and then divide it by two to get the right combination of water capacity tanker.

You can check CFM by following formula:- CFM in hours = (room surface area in square feets * room height * 0.84)

For example, for 200 square feet home of height 8 feet, the required CFM is 200 * 8 * 0.84 = 1344.
Always use this formula to get the CFM of an air cooler.

The amount of air flow also depends on the type of fan used. If it is using a blower then the air would come with high pressure and this is used mostly in smaller air coolers. In big air coolers fans are used to create low pressure of air.

So, while choosing best air cooler for you, check whether the air cooler has many speed setting or not. It is because if an air cooler has multiple speed settings then you can control the amount of air flow with yourself. Apart from this, you should also look for the swing system as with swing air can reach every corner of the room.

Remote Control

Remote control is becoming very popular now. Even you can see ceiling fans with remote control now in the market. So, why can’t you get this amazing feature in your air cooler?

Even we get a lot of benefits with an air cooler having a remote control. It gives snappy access to settings as far as fan speed. This implies you don’t need to get up and rushed to the air cooler again and again to change the speed.
With this exhaustive manual for purchasing the best air cooler, you are set to choose the correct one. Assess your necessities and gauge them against the above highlights to limit on the perfect air cooler.

Ice Cube Tray

This is not the thing we always look for but an air cooler with ice cube tray has its own benefits. You can keep ice cube in the tray which melts slowly and mixes with the water in the tank, making it cool. This leads you to get more cool air from the same air cooler every time.…